The following constitution was approved on the twenty-seventh day of September, 2002.

Article I.
Name and Object

Section 1. The name of this association is Korean Graduate Students Association at Columbia University (KGSA).

Section 2. The objectives of this association is (a) To promote a better understanding about Korea and Korean culture within the university and the community.(b) To promote the common interest of the members.(c) To demonstrate collectively the interests of the members toward the Columbia University and the community.

Section 3. The activities of the association shall be those appropriate to the accomplishment of the objectives of the association.

Section 4. For the purpose of the Constitution, " Columbia University" refers to all the educational institutes affiliated with the Columbia University.

Article II.

Section 1. Regular membership of the association shall be open to all Columbia University graduate students in degree programs, post-doctoral fellows, and medical residents who are of Korean ancestry.

Section 2. Affiliate membership of the association shall be open to all alumni, families of a regular member, faculty, staffs, and other visiting scholars affiliated to Columbia University.

Section 3. All members shall have the right to participate in the activities of the association and shall be required to fulfill the obligation of paying annual membership-dues. Only regular members shall have the right to vote and shall be eligible for elected offices of the association.